About Us – Small Business Experts

About Us – Small Business Experts

We provide small business owners with the answers they need to solve their day-to-day business challenges and drive profits. If you run a small business, you’ll know that the solutions to your needs need to be simple, effective and affordable.

What you’ll get from us is:

  • ‘How to’ articles that help you to learn new skills
  • Buyers guides that help you find and compare the best small business solutions
  • Brand reviews that tell you what you need to know about the specific brands you are considering

We do the research and bring together the skinny version of what we believe you really need to know, together with our personal recommendation. However, if you are looking for legal or financial advice, we strongly recommend that you seek out a qualified lawyer or an independent financial advisor.

How we make money

When writing about how to solve small business challenges, we often identify products and services as part of the most efficient and effective solution. If you click through to a brand solution site and take action, we sometimes earn a small commission. However, we maintain so many brand partnerships that these commissions do not influence our recommendations.

We’re hiring!

SmallBiz Juice is always on the lookout for experienced business writers. We are currently hiring writers with experience of small business finance, accounting and HR. If you would like to apply, please send a cover email, your CV and LinkedIn details to editor@smallbizjuice.com.