Best Invoice Software for Small Business in 2018

In this article, we’ll help you choose the best invoice software to keep you on top of outstanding invoices and maintain positive cash flow. We reviewed the market and chose three of the most popular and well regarded options to review: Invoicera, FreshBooks and Viewpost.

Invoicera: Best Invoice Software Overall

We recommend Invoicera as it provides the complete suite of basic features you require at the most affordable Price. You can customise invoice templates, manage your online payments and track expenses in an app that’s easy-to-use.

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Invoice Software Summary Table

Best Invoicing Software Summary Table

Price package$19.95/month$25/month$0/month
Online payment fees2.9% + 30c per transaction2.9% + 30c per transactionFree - however customer pays 50c per transaction
Free version
Free Trial
30-day free trial
30-day free trial
How do customers pay?Debit or Credit Card Debit or Credit Card Direct bank transfer
Integrations37 including Google Apps, Stripe & Sage Pay63 including Gusto, Shopify & Stripe5 including QuickBooks, Xero & Microsoft Dynamics
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Why These Three Options?

We researched the market to discover affordable options that could also deliver the complete suite of basic invoicing features, which in summary cover:

  • Online software
  • Creating custom invoice templates
  • Setting-up recurring payments
  • Customer payments online
  • Overdue invoices reminders
  • Invoice reporting

Invoicera: Best Invoice Software for Small Business


We recommend Invoicera for small businesses because it’s great value for money, easy to use and allows you to manage invoices and expenses in one app.

It’s also great for start-ups as you can use the software for free until you have more than three accounts.

Invoicera lets you totally customize your invoice templates, send auto-reminders with invoices become overdue and set-up recurring payments. As a result, it can save you a lot of time.

A great feature of Invoicera is that expense management is included at no extra cost. You can import expenses in bulk via a spreadsheet or enter them into the system manually. Each expense can be categorized by vendor, project or customer account. You also have the option to scan in paper receipts as proof of the expenses that you’ve incurred.

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FreshBooks: Best Invoice Software for Time Billing


FreshBooks is a great option for small businesses that invoice for their time, like professional advisors and freelance consultants for example. This is because FreshBooks makes it easy to track the time spend of billable activities. You can measure the time your team works on each aspect of a given project. This time can then be added to your customer’s invoice at the appropriate rate.

Of course, FreshBooks has the full suite of basic invoice management features. From creating customer templates to setting up recurring payments and sending out auto-reminders when invoices become overdue. And like Invoicera, FreshBooks enables you to manage expenses. You can easily set up vendor accounts, scan receipts, categorize expenses and match them back to customer invoices.

Unlike the other options, FreshBooks does not have a free price plan. However, it does come with a 30-day free trial.

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Viewpost: Best Invoice Software That’s Completely Free

viewpost-logo-one-of-the-best-invoice-software-solutionsViewpost has all the basic invoice management features and is completely free. Like Invoicera, you can customise invoice templates, set-up recurring payments and track overdue invoices. It’s a very slick system.

Why is Viewpost free? Viewpost works differently to the other options. Each of your customers pays 50 cents to make an invoice payment. Because Viewpost is absolutely free to the small business owner, it’s a great option for any small business that has customers willing to join them in Viewpost to eliminate payment gateway costs.

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Each of the best invoice software options we reviewed, have a different approach to pricing. Viewpost in particular has an innovative new pricing model, which makes Viewpost completely free to you buy charging a small transaction cost to your customer.


Price package$0/month$15/month$149/month
LimitationsNo API access
3 client limit
1 user limit, add users at $9/user
All features are unlimited
All features are unlimited

The great news for startups is that Invoicera is completely free until you need to start invoicing more than three customers. Then you have to move into a monthly paid subscription price package. We recommend the Classic plan as it will meet most small business needs. You pay $15 per month for up to 100 billing customers at any one time.


5 active customers50 active customers500 active customers

Charges a monthly subscription and is the most expensive option. However, if you run a service business, the time billing features may well be worth the extra cost. You can start using the Lite Package for $15 per month for up to five customers and you can test the system out with a free 30-day trial.


Up to 10-users

Is completely free for you to use. However, each of your customer’s will pay 50 cents per transaction. This is clearly the best option if your customers are all willing to sign-up to Viewpost. The catch is, do you have customers willing to flex for you in this way?

Ease of Use

All of our best invoice software options are very easy-to-use. Each system can be set-up in less than minutes and thereafter the user-experience is simple and intuitive. All you have to do in each of our options is enter some information about your own business, insert your logo and customise the layout of your invoice as you wish.

Then you are ready to complete your first customer invoice. To do this you just type straight into the invoice template.

Invoice Management Features

Each of our best invoice software options allows you to complete the complete suite of basic invoice management tasks. Below, we highlight some of the key characteristics of each option.


Invoicing and Tracking – Invoicera makes it easy to track invoices from your main dashboard. Take a look at the screenshot below to get a sense of how Invoicera organise your dashboard.


Invoice template example in Invoicera

Automate overdue fees – it’s dead simple to set-up friendly auto reminders. You can also auto-add late payment fees to your customer invoice if this is a strategy you want to deploy.

Automate currency and language conversions – if you do business internationally, it’s easy to invoice your customers their currency.


Time Tracking – This feature is easy to operate. You simply login and start the timer for the activity that you are working on and stop the timer when you finish. This time will be logged in the system, ready to be invoiced to your customer. FreshBooks also has a dashboard where you can see the time you and your team spend on each customer’s work.


Invoice template example in FreshBooks

Upfront Deposits – FreshBooks makes it easy to invoice for an upfront deposit. This helps you to reduce risk with new customers and improve your cash flow too. You can request a flat amount or a percentage upfront, whichever you prefer.


Let’s highlight some of the features that make Viewpost differ from the other options:

Invoicing and Tracking – It’s easy to send and track invoices right from the invoice dashboard. When you first send an invoice to a customer in Viewpoint, they also get an invite via email to sign up with Viewpost if they are not already a member. When they join, they connect up their bank account and agree to Viewpoint’s terms. Like with Invoicera, it’s very easy to track invoices from your main dashboard.


Invoice template example in Viewpost

Early Payment – In Viewpost can easily track invoices set-up with a discount option for early payment. It’s easy to filter customer’s that are eligible for early payment discount. You can also run reports to see how effective your early payment discount strategy has been.


All of the best invoice software options integrate well with other relevant apps. Let’s discuss how this would work.


Integrates with 37 apps including Google Apps, Stripe and Sage Pay. Check out the full list of integration options here.


Integrates with 63 apps including Gusto, Shopify and Stripe. Check out the full list of integration options here.


Has focused on integrating with 5 of the most popular small business accounting systems. This includes: QuickBooks, Xero and Microsoft Dynamics. Check out the full list of integration options here.

Online Payments

It makes sense for any small business to try and process payments online as this will help to ensure you are paid faster and this will enhance your cash flow. Let’s take a closer look at how each of the best invoice software options manages online payments.


Does not come with a payment gateway. However, you can choose from 30 different payment gateways, to put payment gateways in place for US and international customers. Unlike with Viewpost, Invoicera customers can make credit or debit card payments without being charged.


Has a payment feature built-into the system. The upside is that it’s easy to start taking online payments from your customers. The downside is that credit card processing is not the most competitive with fees starting from 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction.


Provides an innovative new solution that has no need for a payment gateway. Your customers join Viewpoint for free and make bank to bank transfers. The upside it that you pay absolutely nothing for invoice processing. The downside is that your customers pay 50 cents per transaction, which some customers may not be willing to accept.

Customer Support

All of our best invoice software options provide a good quality of free customer service that users speak well of in online brand reviews. Let’s take a closer look.


Has an extensive help center, which you can explore here. You can also email their support team at


Has a great help center too, it covers the full range of topics via help articles, which you can explore further here. You can also contact FreshBooks via phone for free support on week days, from 8am to 8pm EST.


Has a great help center with help articles and videos to help you get started and and deal with common user challenges. To explore this further, click here. They also provide free US based phone support from 9am to 6pm EST.

The Juice Press

Invoicing is crucial to manage well. The brands we have reviewed are the best invoice software for small business currently available. If you are just starting out, we recommend Invoicera.If you’re time billing, we recommend FreshBooks. If you’re on a tight budget, we recommend Viewpost.

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