Best Mobile CRM Apps for Small Business in 2018

This article reviews the best mobile CRM apps available to small business in 2018. When we analysed the market, we selected the best mobile CRM apps based on; overall performance, ease of use of the mobile app, and affordability to small business. All come with off-line mode and are available for Android and iOS.

Pipedrive: Best Mobile CRM App for Small Business in 2018

We recommend Pipedrive for any small business sales team, especially to those that spend a lot of time in the field. Salespeople love Pipedrive because it works like they work expect, the best mobile CRM should be easy to use with all of the features you want as a salesperson. Pipedrive is not only easy to use and powerful, it’s also great value for money at $10/user per month.

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Best Mobile CRM Summary Table

 Best for small businessPaid packages start from
PipedriveOverall and field sales teams$10/user per month
Zoho CRMBusiness suite solution (Note: Free limited version for up to 10-users)$12/user per month
ProsperworksTelesales teams$19/user per month
SalesforceSales teams already used to Salesforce$25/user per month
InsightlyAccount management (Note: Free limited version for up to 2-users)$29/user per month


Pipedrive: Best Mobile CRM App for Sales Teams in the Field

Pipedrive is rapidly gaining a global following as the best mobile CRM for small businesses. It’s very easy to use and it integrates via API with the other small business apps you are likely to need, like QuickBooks, Mailchimp and Aircall.


Screenshot of the Pipedrive mobile app experience


Silver Gold Platinum
$10/user per month$24/user per month$63/user per month

Pipedrive pricing starts from $10/user/month. This is the package that we use ourselves, which comes with all of the sales pipeline management and reporting features we need.

However, if you run a phone based sales team, you will need the gold package to integrate digital phone apps like Aircall and Ring Central.

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What can you do with Pipedrive?

Pipedrive has made sales pipeline management and reporting their core focus. What’s great is that your homescreen acts as a summary of your sales pipeline from which you can drill down to access opportunities and manage tasks.

Core features include:

  • Contact management
  • Interaction tracking
  • Task management
  • Pipeline management
  • Pipeline reporting

How Good is Pipedrive’s Mobile App?

It’s the best mobile CRM app we have encountered. It has all of the same pipeline management and reporting features that are available on your desktop. It’s easy to access customer records in realtime as you travel to a meeting, and update them afterwards as you travel on to your next. We find it very easy to use because it has been designed for salespeople and stripped back of non-sales features that are better served by other tools.


Zoho CRM: Best Small Business Suite Solution

Zoho has all the features you would expect in a small business mobile CRM app and them some more. If you are looking for the more feature rich option at a competitive price of $12/user per month then Zoho may be the best option for you.


$12/user per month$20/user per month$35/user per month

If you are looking for the best free mobile CRM app, we strongly recommend Zoho. Its free package comes with all the basic features you need to get started for a sales team of up to 10-users.

If you want more advanced features like access to sales forecasting, social media, data back-up and calendar/contacts sync then you will need the standard package, which costs $12/user per month.

For further information about Zoho CRM pricing click here.

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What can you do with Zoho CRM?

If you haven’t used Zoho in the last two years, it’s worth mentioning that it has gone through a transformation in terms of its UX. It now has a much more simple user-interface without sacrificing any of its features. Fairly uniquely, Zoho enables you to integrate Zoho’s mobile CRM app with other Zoho apps that support marketing, project management, customer support and billing in a single modular system designed with smaller businesses in mind.

Core features include:

  • Contact management
  • Interaction tracking
  • Pipeline management
  • Integration with other Zoho apps
  • Sales reports

How Good is Zoho’s Mobile App?

The Zoho mobile CRM app provides salespeople and managers with everything they need. You can plan your day, manage tasks and collaborate in realtime with your team. If you are a sales manager, you get access to real-time insights into sales team performance.


Prosperworks: Best for Small Business Telesales Teams

Prosperworks is a beautifully designed mobile CRM app, the UX leverages the power of Google Apps and comes recommended by Google. The Google Apps integration enables you to eliminate much of the repetitive sales admin. It does this by automatically updating contact profiles, and email interactions and call records too. Prosperworks is easy to use and good value for money if you need integrated call recording and reporting.


Basic Professional Business
$19/user per month$49/user per month$119/user per month

Prosperworks starts from as little as $19/user per month. However, to get the full benefit of Prosperworks, you really need the professional package that comes with email alerts, task automation and activity reporting.

For further information about Prosperworks pricing click here.

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What can you do with Prosperworks?

What we really like about Prosperworks is the deep integration that they have created with Google Apps. For example, customer data is automatically saved on their Google Drive folder each time a file is attached and sent via Gmail.

Core features include:

  • Contact management
  • Pipeline interaction tracking
  • Pipeline management
  • MailChimp integration & email logging
  • Phone call logging

How Good is Prosperworks’ Mobile App?

Very good. Prosperworks’ mobile CRM app makes it easy to log calls onto you customer interaction record. All you have to do is use the intuitive tap and dial feature. You can access customer profiles, review opportunities and set tasks effortlessly. Once your system is up and running, salespeople could access and update the system solely from their mobile device.


Salesforce: Best for Sales Teams Accustomed to Using Salesforce

Yes, it’s the 300 lb gorilla of mobile CRM apps. But this did not make it a great solution for small business until Salesforce introduced a stripped back version of their platform for smaller business.


Silver Gold Platinum
$25/user per month$75/user per month$150/user per month

The small business package is much more affordable that the other Salesforce (larger enterprise) packages at $25/user per month. However, to get the same basic features, like individual contact records, which the other packages include as standard, you really need to opt for $75/user per month professional package.

For further information about Salesforce mobile CRM pricing click here.

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What can you do with Salesforce?

If you used Salesforce a few years back and have not been back recently, it’s worth taking another look. The UX is now much less complex and better suited to small business needs. The rationale for using Salesforce, will be because your sales team want it and you intend to scale fast.

Core features include:

  • Contact management
  • Interaction tracking
  • Some automatic data capture
  • Pipeline management
  • Team collaboration tools

How Good is Salesforce’s Mobile App?

The mobile CRM app provides sales reps and the sales manager with access to all of the data and core features that will want to be able to use when they are in the field. The collaboration tools are a bonus, though I you could use What’s App for free to perform the same purpose, but it would not record this on your mobile CRM app.


Insightly: Best for Existing Customer Account Management

Insightly does not visualise the sales pipeline in its mobile CRM app, which makes it less user-friendly for salespeople. However, it does have great project management tools that allow you not only to manage tasks, but to manage projects via deadlines or milestones. If your main focus is existing customers, cross-selling and renewals then Insightly might be the best option for you.


Silver Gold Platinum
$29/user per month$49/user per month$99/user per month

Like Zoho, Insightly has a free mobile CRM app package, which is restricted to two users. This is a great way to get to know the app if you are just starting out. However, if you want features like calendar/contact sync, smart email alerts and team collaboration tools then you will need to pay $29/user per month.

For further information about Insightly pricing click here.

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What can you do with Insightly?

Where sales and account management go hand-in-hand, Insightly is a great mobile CRM app. For instance, in a design agency where sales are often closed via existing customer pitches that Insightly can manage better than the other small business mobile CRM apps with more powerful project management features.

Core features include:

  • Contact management
  • Interaction tracking
  • Pipeline management
  • Project management via deadlines and milestones
  • Sales management reports

How Good is Insightly’s Mobile App?

Insightly’s mobile app allows you access to all the sales core mobile CRM features you have on your desktop. We really like the useful business card scanner, which is included in all of the paid plans.

The Juice Press

Selecting the best mobile CRM app becomes business critical when you run a small business with salespeople that spend time in the field or working away from their desk.

Pipedrive provides the best mobile CRM app in our opinion. This is because its specifically designed for salespeople, the mobile app is as powerful as it is easy to use and it’s also the best value for money starting from only $10/user per month.

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