Best Press Release Distribution Service for Small Business in 2018

In this article, we recommend the best press release distribution service available to small business. We also provide you with two good alternatives. After reviewing the market, we decided to focus eReleases, Cision PR Newswire and PR Web.

eReleases: Best Press Release Distribution Service Overall

We recommend eReleases as the best press release distribution service, because it delivers better value and guarantees results. Most press release distribution services place their focus on achieving web coverage. eReleases focus on web coverage and also have over 100,000 subscribing reporters and bloggers in their network too.

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Best Press Release Service Summary Table

(includes 30% discount for new customer)
Wire Distribution via NetworksYes (via Associated Press)No (not at this price point)No (available for subscribers only)
Website Distribution6,000 sites and a 100 site publishing guarantee30,000 sites1,400 sites
Visit eReleasesVisit PR webPR Newswire


eReleases: Best Press Release Distribution Service Overall

If you are looking for the best press release distribution service, what really matters is how many journalists run your story. In our experience, eReleases generate more coverage than PR Web or Cision PR Newswire.

This is because they they underpin their wire service with close relationships with reporters. This enables them to guarantee that your release will be published at least 100 times.

You can get a newswire service from PR Web and Cision PR Newswire, but at a higher cost than most small businesses can afford.

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PR Web: Best Press Release Distribution Service for Online Distribution

If your focus is 100% online, PR Web has more online coverage than the other options. Its network includes over 30k journalists, bloggers and reporters.

Assuming service quality is equivalent to eReleases, you should expect to be published more often. Though in reality, service quality will be influenced by other factors like how many reporters cover your sector.

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PR Newswire: Next Best Press Release Distribution Service

PR Newswire provide an easy to use service and are consistently selective about what they distribute. Like with the other options, ads are filtered out to ensure that journalists and reporters just get fed a steady stream of relevant press releases.

If you’re looking for a good alternative to eReleases and PR Web, Cision PR Newswire is probably the next best alternative.

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In-depth Analysis of Key Features


Lower priced options are available to you and some free small business press distribution services do exist. However, we all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. So I recommend you choose a package that will ensure your news gets in front of online and offline journalists, bloggers and reporters. Otherwise your good news is in danger of staying a best kept secret.

Press Release Service Pricing Summary Table

Recommended Package$269/release
(includes 30% discount for new customer)
Key FeaturesWire distributed via AP and guarantee of publishing on 100 sitesNo (not at this price point)No (available for subscribers only)
Premium Package$39930,000 sites1,400 sites
Key FeaturesDistribution to selected reporters, 3 targeted sector lists and guarantee of publishing on 150 sitesDistribution via AP & the option of including a digital video attachmentShowcase image and the option to share a digital video attachment
Visit eReleasesVisit PR webVisit PR Newswire

eReleases package covers national wire distribution via Associated Press and 6,000 websites represents by far the best value for money. This is because they provide a 30% discount to new customers, which allows them to demonstrate the results they can help you to achieve.

Wire Distribution

Before the internet existed, the major news networks were the only way to get the news out to all of the national, regional and local media outlets. And this is still the way that news is distributed by wire to TV, radio and print newspapers.

Press Release Service - Wire Distribution Summary Table

eReleases logo and URL link to site
eReleases is the only option that allows you to distribute your press release to online and offline media at an affordable cost. Wire distribution is via Associated Press, which reaching over 30,000 registered journalists and reporters. Everyone from the New York Times to your local county magazine.
PR Web logo and link to sitePR Web do provide a wire distribution service, but to use this you have to use the $369 package, which is £100 more than it costs to include wire distribution with eReleases.
PR Newswire logo and link to siteLike PR Web, Cision PR Newswire does have a wire distribution services, but to use it you have to first become a member, which costs an additional $195 / year.

Website Distribution

Each of the options will distribute your release to 1000’s of websites. But does this really matter if your press release does not go on to get published? Of course not. This is why I lean towards the service from eReleases, because it guarantees results as well as giving you online and offline coverage to cover all the bases.

However, if you’re purely online focused, then PR Web’s network of 30,000 subscribing websites is a logical choice, even though it’ll cost a little more.

Writing Services

If you are able to write your own press releases, this is a great way to deduce the cost to generating publicity for your business. If you want to learn more about how to do this, we recommend using our free press release template and formatting guidelines. This will help you to get off the starting blocks and avoid making basic rookie mistakes.

Though if you have a budget for press release writing and this is something you want to outsource, then eReleases and PR Web both provide writing services for $250 to $350 per release. Another alternative is to use one of the freelancer networks like Upwork to source a good freelance writer.

The Juice Press

When selecting the best press release distribution service, we recommend paying for a quality service. This will secure better press coverage and give you more bang for your buck. If your budget is tight, reduce how many you distribute each year rather than compromise on quality.

In this article we reviewed the best press release distribution services. We recommend  eReleases  because it provides small businesses with the best value for money.

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