Best Sales Enablement Software for Small Business in 2018

Over the last couple of years, sales enablement has arrived as a new term to describe the strategies, systems and tools that drive efficiency and effectiveness for sales teams. This article identifies the best sales enablement software options for small business.

The single best sales enablement tool for improving your sales performance across your entire sales process is a sales CRM. We recommend Pipedrive because it’s easy to setup and use, salespeople love it and it drives improved sales performance.

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Best Sales Enablement Software Summary Table

 Best forWhat is doesStarting Price (Monthly)
PipedriveSales CRMIntuitive sales process management and reporting$10/user
LeadberryWebsite visitor intelligencePowerful intelligence from your website for sales prospecting$39

Sales pitch creationEasy to create professional sales pitches for non-designers$8/user
CanvaSales materials creationEasy to create sales materials for non-designers$9.95/user
ZoomAV sales pitchesReliable AV (virtual) customer meetings$14.99/user
Sales NavigatorSales intelligence Powerful intelligence for sales prospecting $64.99/user

Pipedrive: Best Sales CRM App

Putting in place a small business customer relationship management (CRM) system is an excellent way to start putting the best sales enablement software in place. A good sales CRM will help you to measure and manage every stage of your sales process.

We recommend Pipedrive because it is highly sales focused, easy to use and comes with all of the sales reports that you need built in. Salespeople particularly like the visual representation of the the sales pipeline, from where you can easily navigate in one or two clicks to everything else you need.

Pricing Options

Pricing$10/ user per month$21/ user per month$63/ user per month
Storage2GB/ user5GB/ user100GB/ user
Customer supportLive chat and EmailLive chat and EmailPhone, live chat and Email

We recommend starting with the lowest priced package, which is $10/user per month. Once you have customised this to suite your own needs, which is very easy to do, you may want to trade up to the $24/user per month package to integrate with powerful plugins like email (e.g. mailchimp) and call recording (e.g. Aircall)

Explore Pipedrive pricing further here.

Why is Pipedrive One of the Best Sales Enablement Software Systems?

Pipedrive makes it really easy to setup and customize each stage of your sales pipeline. Thereafter you can simply double click on any opportunity in your pipeline to access contact details, interaction history and upcoming tasks.


Screengrab of Pipedrive’s visual sales pipeline

Pipedrive is arguably the most powerful sales enablement tool for any small business with a B2B sales team. The visual representation of the sales pipeline and the ease of use have made this a fast growth favourite for small businesses around the world. It makes sales rep admin easy to complete, for instance deals that start to rot in stage turn red to highlight that they need your attention. In addition, automated sales reporting makes the role of the sales manager much easier to perform.

Software Integrations

Pipedrive provides access to 80 plus native sales enablement apps. More importantly, they are all the additional apps that you are likely to want to use, like call management (e.g. RingCentral) and generating sales proposals (e.g. Proposify).

Customer Service

Customer service is 24/7, prompt and helpful. This is provided via email and live chat, but if you want phone support, this is also available in the platinum price package.

Best Alternative

We recommend Zoho CRM as the best alternative to Pipedrive. If you are just starting out, Zoho provide a great feature limited free package and full feature packages start from $12/user per month.

Learn more about small business CRM systems by reading Best Mobile CRMs for Small Business.

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Leadberry: Best Website Visitor Tracking App

Let’s face it, if you are running a small business these days, you need a website. And if you have a website, you need a way to track who visits your website and generates customer contact data so that your sales reps can follow-up and generate leads for your sales pipeline. We recommend Leadberry because it’s much lower priced than all of the other alternatives, it also comes recommended by Google Analytics.

Pricing Options

 PRO 100PRO 200PRO 400
Leadberry pricing/month$39$49/month$89/month
Unique leads/month100200400

We recommend starting with the lowest priced package, which is $35/month for 100 unique sales leads. Leadberry is the best value for money of all the website identification apps that I reviewed. The best like for like alternative costs nearly twice as much.

A policy we were pleased to see, (which says a lot about Leadberry), is the free package that they make available to not-for-profit organisations and charities.

Explore Leadberry pricing further here.

Why is Leadberry One of the Best Sales Enablement Software Systems?

You need to have Google Analytics in place to use Leadberry. But if you have this in place, you can be up and running a free 30-day trial in minutes. Reports are intuitive and you do not need any technical skills to reap the benefits of Leadberry’s full range of features.


Screengrab of Leadberry’s web visitor reporting

Any experienced sales rep will love Leadberry. Not only does it generate valuable new sales leads together with all of the essential early stage contact details like website URL, phone number, e-mail address, and LinkedIn contact profile. It also monitors existing sales leads and customers and alerts you in real-time when they come back to visit your website.

Software Integrations

Leadberry integrates with the best small business sales CRMs like PipeDrive and Zoho.

Customer Service

24/7 support is available via Having said this, there is not much that you are likely to need support for assuming Leadberry integrates as expected with Google Analytics.

Best Alternative

Leadfeeder provide a similar service but pricing starts from $59/month. However, the cost per lead is lower as you get 250 unique sales leads per month as part of this package.

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Slidebean: Best Sales Pitch Creation App

Giving customers a modern and engaging sales pitch can be massively enhanced with a great sales pitch presentation, which will also act as a leave-behind for those that were not able to join. Slidebean makes it really easy for you to create professional standard sales pitch presentations without the need to emp-loy costly external graphic design services. It also provides valuable sales analytics when your customers start to engage with your leave-behind.

Pricing Options

Slidebean pricing/month$8$19$39 (for 3 users + $10/user thereafter)

We recommend the $19 price package, which will provide you with the ability to set-up you logo, colors, fonts etc. so that you can reflect your brand in the way that you need to in order to close deals.

Explore Slidebean pricing further here.

Why is Slidebean One of the Best Sales Enablement Software Systems?

All you have to do is add your content assets and Sliebean’s (majic beans) transform your raw content into a stunning professional sales pitch presentation. What we really liked is that once you have signed up, you have access to millions of free images, GIFs and videos without the need to keep on spending to generate a highly visual presentation.


Screenshot of Slidebean being used to create a pitch presentation

The other thing that sales reps love, is Slidebean’s simple and powerful reporting feature. This allows you to know who viewed your pitch leave-behind, which slides they looked at and for how long.  Gold dust in the right sales reps hands.

Software Integrations

Slidebean does not have any integrations. All the core integrations you require are built in.

Customer Service

Customers speak very highly of the 24/7 customer service and support that Slidebean provide. Our personal experience has also reflected this. We really like getting free design advice and feedback from Slidebean’s in-house graphic designers. This is geared towards empowering you with design skills so that you can get the best out of your subscription.

Best Alternative

If you have time and in-house presentation expertise, then Prezi is a great alternative with price packages starting from $10/month per user.

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Canva: Best Sales Collateral Creation App

Sales collateral creation tools now make it easy for small businesses with no in-house graphic design skills to create their own branded sales brochures, posters, social posts, etc. This saves a small fortune in design agency costs and improves turn-around time too. We recommend Canva because it’s easy to use and comes with 1000s of free templates generated by other users.

Pricing Options

 CanvaCanva for WorkCanva for Enterprise
Canva pricing/monthFree$12.95Coming soon

There is a free version of Canva, but we recommend the $12.95 price package because it enables you to create custom branding including your color palette and fonts.

Explore Canva pricing further here.

Why is Canva One of the Best Sales Enablement Software Systems?

Canva has 1,000s of templates or themes to choose from.  You can create over 30 different types of digital sales and marketing collateral. We find Canva especially good at creating posters, infographics and social posts to help support the sales process. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy, quick and fun to use.


Screengrab of Canva’s brochure creation screen

We use Canva to create postcards, infographics, e-books, sales brochures, social shout-outs and event invites. Being able to generate these in-house means we are able to protect our sales budget and spend more of it on acquiring new sales leads.

Software Integrations

Like Slidebean, Canva does not have any integrations and does not need any as it provides a complete solution. Within the platform their are free design templates, images and icons. Or if you can afford it, you can purchase design templates, photos and icons at a very affordable $1 a pop.

Customer Service

If you sign-up the $12.95/user per month price package you get 24/7 live chat and email support, which is prioritised over the support given to free users.

Best Alternative

Stencil provides a great alternative to Canva, price packages start from $9/month per user.

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Zoom: Best AV Sales Presentation App

Pitching face-to-face will always be the best way to build relationships and close more deals. But if this is not possible due to the distances involved, then Zoom provides a great alternative for audio-video based pitch presentations.

Zoom enables you to host face-to-face customer meetings and all your customers have to do is click one button to join you. In the world of AV,  call quality is king and Zoom has the best AV call quality we have experienced.

Pricing Options

Zoom pricing/month$14.99/user$19.99/user (min 10 users)$19.99/user (min 100 users)

We recommend checking out the free version of Zoom to get a good sense of whether this is the right app for you. Then for sales calls, we recommend the $14.99/user per month price package. This comes with unlimited call duration and call recording included, which are must haves for sales activity.

Explore Zoom pricing further here.

Why is Zoom One of the Best Sales Enablement Software Systems?

Zoom makes it really simple to setup and hosting customer meetings without having to think about the possibility of the technology letting you down.


Zoom can be used across two screens during a sales pitch

For sales pitches, where you intend to share your screen, we recommend a two screen setup. This allows you to have one screen showing the pitch you are sharing with your audience and the other focused on your audience and how they are receiving to your pitch.

Software Integrations

Like other AV apps, Zoom has a wide range of native software add-ons. The key add-ons that I look to integrate are my calendar for setting-up and launching meetings. Zoom integrates with MS and Google calendar. We also like to be able to chat across the in-house team and share this with customers too. Zoom let’s you integrate with Slack, which in our experience is the best in class collaboration app.

Customer Service

For paid package users, Zoom provides 24/7 live chat, email and phone support. Free users get a comprehensive help center.

Best Alternatives provide a great alternative to Zoom with paid packages start from $18/user per month.

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Sales Navigator: Best Sales Intelligence App

Any experienced sales professional will tell you that sales starts with sales intelligence as the enabler of your prospecting process. Offline good salespeople build a black book of relationships and network to discover opportunities.  We recommend LinkedIn Sales Navigator as the most effective way to fulfil the same activity online.

Pricing Options

Sales Navigator pricing/month$64.99Speak to SN

Sales Navigator allows you to filter prospects via 31 personal attributes and a further 14 organisational ones for $64.99/user per month. This price package is likely to be all a small business sales professional is likely to need.

Explore Zoom pricing further here.

Why is Sales Navigator One of the Best Sales Enablement Apps?

We use Sales Navigator to target new customer prospects accurately. Then, after they have entered our sales pipeline, we turn warm leads into active accounts which allows us to stay up to date with changes to their account, which act as sales triggers.


Source: Sales Navigator

For instance, change in a key contact on a long standing account, is great real-time sales intelligence. We use this to re-connect and unlock fresh sales opportunities. Another great feature of Sales Navigator is its ability to provide automatic lead recommendations.

Software Integrations

Sales Navigator does not currently integrate with any small business CRMs, but this is likely to change in 2018.

Customer Service

24/7 live chat and technical support is made available via a fully loaded knowledge base called Sales Navigator Help.

Best Alternatives

There really isn’t a good alternative to Sales Navigator, lots of apps use LinkedIn data, but LinkedIn is the source.

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Sales enablement is here to stay as the new term describing a range of sales related software tools that when combined help you to support your entire B2B sales process. This article has highlighted some of the best sales enablement software tools for small business to drive sales performance and efficiency.

The single best sales enablement tool for driving improved sales performance across your sales process is a sales CRM. We recommend Pipedrive because it’s easy to use, designed for salespeople and drives improved sales performance.

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