Best Small Business Blogs in 2018

This article shares a range of best small business blogs, from accounting to marketing and funding to growth. Some you’ll know well, others are more niche. Little gems that you’re unlikely to stumble upon.

To make this more useful, we’ll keep adding less well known small business blogs. For example, we think the TaxBuzz blog would make any startup feel confident about managing their books after reading New Start Up Business Guide to Bookkeeping.

Please help us grow this list to become a comprehensive indexed resource by leaving your suggestions for other blogs in the comments section below. In return, I will respond to all comments and nurture a comprehensive resource for you and future readers.

Best Small Business Blogs


1. Alexander Recommends Small Business Trends

As a professor of finance at Gordon College and a small business entrepreneur, Alexander Lowry is perfectly placed to know how to find the best small business blogs.

“I’m the Director of the Master’s of Science in Financial Analysis program at Gordon College. Since our goal is to disrupt the MBA industry I read a lot of small business blogs.”

“If I had to pick one blog that delivers actionable insight, topical news and small business trends, it should be Small Business Trends. Instead of simply focusing on one business discipline, SBTs covers each of the key disciplines – from marketing to finance. It also provides up to date news that is relevant to small business owners.”


2. Deborah Recommends the Small Business Administration (SBA) Blog

Deborah Sweeney, the CEO of My Corporation recommends the SBA blog, in particular for covering the importance of women owned and led small businesses.

“One of my favorite small business blogs is the blog for the U.S. Small Business Administration. A couple of years ago, they wrote a post on why it’s a big deal to be a women-owned small business and how the federal government is stepping up to award women entrepreneurs with contracts. It’s exciting to see how since that post was written, more and more funding is becoming accessible to women entrepreneurs and how the SBA is continuing to lead the pack forward.”

We also found this excellent blog on the site providing guidance on how women entrepreneurs can win more government contracts.


3. Caroline Recommends Neil Patel's blog

Caroline Keppel-Palmer, the Founder of Museum Bookstore recommends Neil Patel’s most excellent digital marketing blog. It’s also one we find helpful too.

“These blog posts are super detailed and cover all aspects of digital marketing. What really makes Neil’s blogs stand out is how he structures his articles clearly, starting with the big picture and ending with actionable tips. For example, What is Social Media Marketing is filled with great information about different social media platforms. And the table of contents enables readers to go straight through to the areas that they are most interested in.”


4. Stephanie Recommends the Amex Small Business Blog

Stephanie Pope and her husband (Jeffrey) run a fabulous family-owned peanut business called Hope & Harmony Farms. She recommends the Amex small business blog.

“I often refer to the American Express OPEN Forum Small Business Blog for advice, highlights of other small businesses, and information surrounding the Shop Local/Small Business Saturday initiative that they’ve spearheaded over the years. The blog offers valuable (and free) resources ranging from Customer/Market Research to Product Innovation to Money Management. I found  5 Ways Customer Behavior Analysis Can Help You Make Better Business Decisions to be particularly educational and relevant to running our small business.”


5. Jon Recommends Farnham Street Blog

Jon Denn is the Chief Thinking Officer of Drumbeat Productivity and he shared what we agree is a fairly unique blog on the art of thinking.

Farnham Street blog is a Fabulous take on the lost art of Thinking. There is nothing like it on the web. Shane Parrish the curator goes to great lengths to keep track of the mental models needed to make better decisions in less time. For example, do you know what Hanlon’s Razor is? A. Do not ascribe to malice what can be attributed to inattention. In other words, so-and-so doesn’t hate you because they haven’t responded—they’re just busy.”



6. Amanda Recommends SuperInterns Slidekick blog

Amanda Grenier is a PR exec for SuperInterns. She recommends taking a look at Sidekick for something a little different. Yes, she’s involved, but having taken a look I was taken with how small businesses can benefit from interns to flex up and down when they need to. And of course, interns are highly motivated to do a good job and prove themselves.

“I read our Sidekick blog because it’s talking on an important new subject. Virtual internships help small businesses to flex when they need to. They also provide valuable work experience to anybody between the ages of 18-88 and from all walks of life. Recently, Drew Nevitt posted an article called, Virtual Internships Can Lead You to Your Desired Job. This was a great article because it explained why people benefit from internships. The article was relate-able, offered value, and proved that goals are achievable”


7. Jacob Recommends Big Ideas for Small Business

Jacob Dayan is the CEO of Community Tax and he shared the blog from Big Ideas for Small Business with us. And we agree with him, it often covers extremely useful topics for small business owners that you’ll struggle to find mentioned in other small business blogs.

“The Big Ideas for Small Business Blog provides insight on a range of topics that a small business owner faces. So many small business blogs focus just on the financial aspects of running a business or how to conduct your marketing and SEO. But this blog provides advice on other topics like celebrations in the workplace or how to consider tax. There are even times when I find myself reading the blog and I come across a topic that I hadn’t considered, but that’s extremely relevant for my business. I found 5 useless things to stop wasting your money on very useful because it not only highlighted costs I should consider cutting, but it also gave me insight on I could do differently to save some of that money.”


8. Scott Recommends Carol Roth's Business Blog

Scott W Johnson is CEO of Whole vs Term Life Insurance and he recommends Carol Roth’s blog. This blog is a relative newcomer and a great place to get straightforward business know how from an experienced business women.

“The new business blog that I just love is Carol Roth’s Business Blog. Carols blog posts are shorter and more easy to digest for the day, such as Use Content to Answer not Lecture. I have never thought of it this way and I know I can have a habit of lecturing people about life insurance. Lesson learned! There are so many blogs out there its just crazy, but finding good ones can be the difference between success and failure.”


9. Beth Recommends Intrepid Media

Beth Bridges is Founder of The Networking Motivator .She recommends one that we had not heard of, which covers the cross-over between business and life outside of business. Something any small business owner has to try and balance.

“A niche blog that I always read is Todd Schnick’s Intrepid Media. It’s a cheeky mix of personal and business life, featuring raw stories from Todd and his contributors. A recent post, 25 key things to do this year seems so simple, but made me think HARD. His business series on leadership is kind of like Netflix for business people.”


10. Mark Recommends Future Purchasing Blog

Mark Ford-Langstaff is a Director of Right Source Solutions,he recommends the Future Purchasing Blog from the UK, because it’s strong on procurement and category management.

“The Future Purchasing Blog is about procurement but gets my time above others because it goes deep into some niche procurement areas such as category management and supplier relationship management. I like the deep specialist knowledge, but I also like to be surprised by the tone it takes.
Sometimes the blog is serious but sometimes they approach a subject matter from a less than obvious perspective casting light on a topic via metaphor”

“For example What is Category Management makes a comparison with an orange, which makes perfect sense when you read the article. It’s also very practical, for instance How to Create a Sourcing Strategy. This blog post gave me a check list of what to include in a sourcing strategy that I needed for my own client.”


11. Christy Recommends Social Media Examiner

Christy Cook is the Founder of Teach My, an award winning learning kits for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. She recommends a well known favorite, The Social Media Examiner.

“I read Social Media Examiner, because it provides actionable tips in social media marketing. The posts cover the key social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. And posts are always focused on helping small business entrepreneurs increase traffic and and improve their digital marketing performance. I implement many of the tips to connect better with our customersand drive sales.”

“For example, Facebook News Feed Changes: Why We Need A New Strategy was extremely useful. Based on the advice in the Social Media Examiner, we have had to re-think our Facebook posting strategy to work within the new perimeters of the Facebook newsfeed.”


12. Sacha Recommends Startup Nation

Sacha Ferrandi is the Founder of Hard Money First and he recommends Startup Nation as a great resource of startups and early stage businesses.

“I read Startup Nation because it provides aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners with really useful articles on how to start, grow and manage your business. For example, I found The One Essential Element Most Business Plans Miss valuable because it listed out 15 business plan questions to ask yourself in an easily digestible way. Although the majority of these questions were easily answered, several did make me think twice. Allowing me to formulate a more concrete answer to include in my business plan”


13. Malla Recommends BizSugar

Malla Haridat describes herself as a Chief Kickstarter and Business Breakthrough Coach. (Note to self – speak to the Editor about changing my job title). Malla recommends BizSugar who curate articles from other blogs to make it easier for small business owners to find them in one place.

“I regularly read BizSugar because the articles are ranked. Other readers vote for the best content so it totally shortens the time commitment for a busy small business owner who wants to stay on top of key learnings and trends”

“An example of a recent article I read is 6 Growth Slowdowns That Can Quickly Lead To Disaster. This article introduced the concept of carrying capacity and how I need to measure my S-Curve of time and new ideas. The article lists some key reasons why businesses fail at this concept and gave me some insightful ideas about how to approach my sales plan for next quarter.”


14. Nate Recommends Mark Sessel

Nate Masterson is the marketing expert at Maple Holistics, he recommends just the sort of niche small business blog we were hoping to find. It’s a good read and each article ultimately delivers an important message about small business leadership.

“Mark is a financial consultant, business adviser, executive/ life coach, and business owner. He moved his business to Colorado, and as a consequence spends a lot of time going on excursions to the outdoors. This lead to him writing about his outdoor adventures (among other things) and how he applied the lessons he learns back to his business and his life”

“I personally love these adventure stories, they always have an important message for small business owners. For example, Never Let Them See You Sweat! This starts with riding a new horse and ends providing tips on how to keep calm in a storm (at work). I just wish he wrote more of them.”



15. Shawn Recommends Moz

Shawn Rubel is the CEO of Vecteezy, which is a great place to find free vector art. He recommends one of our favs, the MOZ blog.

“Blogs and newsletters are still an important part of my daily routine. I like to browse the Moz blog regularly for website and business strategies. For example, Diagnosing Why a Site’s Set of Pages May Be Ranking Poorly. This post, like Moz’s other Whiteboard Fridays, is a quick and interesting lecture on improving SEO. Anyone with a website knows how important ranking is, and you want every page on your site to do well. This, like most MOZ posts, provides actions steps to resolve issues on your own.”

The Juice Press – Best Small Business Blogs

A very big thank you to all of the small business entrepreneurs who have contributed to date.

We hope you found a great new blog to explore, please help us to grow this article into a more comprehensive resource by leaving your suggestions for the blogs you depend on (and why) in the comments section below. In return, we’ll regularly update the list and build a mega resource for you and other small business owners.