Free Business Email Address and How to Get Yours Set-up in 2018

This article provides you with a great way to get a free business email address for your business.  We also provide simple step-by-step guide to help you get setup and started.

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How to Set-up Your Free Business Email Address with Bluehost

Bluehost startup packages are very competitively priced to suit small business needs. For only $2.95 per month you get web hosting, 50GB or data storage, a free SSL security certificate, 1-click WordPress install and 5 free business email addresses. Click here to check out Bluehost’s pricing packages.

Step 1 – Signup and Choose your Website Domain Name

  1. Go to the Bluehost website and click on the get started now button.
  2. Choose the price package you want. The $2.95 option should be all that you need unless you need to set-up more than five free business email addresses.
  3. Select a name for your website domain
  4. Use the Bluehost website domain search tool to confirm whether it’s available or not. If the website domain is freely available, you will asked to register. If not, you’ll have to think again until you come up with a name that is suitable that you can register.
  5. Once you find a name that is available, you’ll need to complete your order.

The following tips will help you to choose a strong website domain name:

1. Opt for a .com, a .net or a .co Format – people are most familiar with and trusting of .com domains. Although if your business is trading online or is tech based that a .net format will work just and well. Finally, the .co format has been more recently released because most of the .com domain names have all been used. If you are a startup, then using a .co domain name is a great way to find a free website domain name that works for your business.

2. Consider Using Keywords in your Website Domain Name – if your business is called BizJuice and you cannot get as it’s already been taken. Consider opting for the name plus your location, for instance This is more likely to be available and it will also help you to rank well locally for SEO purposes.

3. Consider adapting your domain name

Let’s say your business name is already taken. You can still find something more than workable by adding a prefix to find a similar website domain that is available. For instance, or

Step 2 – Create your Business Email Addresses in the Mail Manager

  1. Once you have completed your order you will land on Bluehost’s main dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to the Email Menu and select Email Manager.
  3. The Email Manager menu will then load and you want to choose Create an Email Account from this.
  4. Enter your first email name and create a new password.
  5. Save your email address then select Horde, Roundcube or Squirrelmail as your webmail client. These re just different layout options for viewing your email via webmail.
  6. Repeat this step for each email address you want to create.

The following tips will help you to create a professional approach to email address names:

1. Decide upon one consistent format – if you do not want your business to appear too small, consider using a first name dot surname format. For example This format will also avoid confusion when another John joins the business!

2. Create custom email addresses for specific purposes – you may not want to publish your personal business email address publicly on your website. This is where email addresses like support@, sales@, press@, hello@ etc. come in very useful.  Creating custom email addresses to publish for specific purposes is a good way to maintain access, privacy and professionalism at the same time.

Step 3 – Using your Business Email Address with Gmail

  1. Login to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the gear symbol in the top right-hand corner of your Gmail screen in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Select Settings
  4. Choose the Accounts and Import tab
  5. Scroll down to select Add a mail account
  6. A popup window will appear, enter your free business email address here and your Bluehost business email password
  7. Double check that you have written your email address and password correctly and press Save

You will now be able to receive your email via Gmail. If you want to send an email using your free business email address, all you have to do is select your new email address in the From field when you are creating a new email. Bluehost will then ask if you want to set-up the send feature:

  1. Enter the name you want to appear on messages that you send and press save
  2. Then enter your free business email address and email password again
  3. Confirm your business email address by typing in the required code. To get the code, go back into your Bluehost email account, where you will find an email from Google with your verification code.
  4. Go back to Gmail and type this code in and press save.

Your free business email address will now be integrated into your email account and you will be able to flip between your different email accounts at will.

Step 4 – Using your Business Email Address with Outlook

To connect your free business email address with Outlook is a similar process. However, it does vary according to the version of Outlook that you are using. Below we have provided you with the step process help links from Bluehost for the two most commonly used versions of Outlook. If you are using an earlier version of Outlook, you can also find the step process for help with this for Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2011 in the Bluehost help center.

Outlook 2016 for Windows

Outlook 2016 for Mac

The Juice Press

Creating a business email address is a key step along the road to ensuring that your business is perceived as professional and trustworthy. In this article we have shown you how to set-up 5 free business email addresses alongside website hosting from Bluehost, which starts from only $2.95 per month.

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