Fundbox Reviews and Pricing

Fundbox provides invoice financing and lines of credit from $1K up to $100k. Its services are best suited to small businesses with short-term cash flow concerns who require a fast solution. User reviews from around the web confirm that Fundbox mainly has positive ratings.

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A Video Introduction to Fundbox

How does Fundbox Standout?

You can setup your Fundbox account minutes. With their invoice financing, you linkup Quickbooks, Xero or FreshBooks and choose an invoice to settle. Fundbox automatically transfers cash into your bank account within 1-3 working days. With their line of credit, you can usually get access to cash by the next working day.

Qualifying is much easier with no business collateral or personal guarantee needed for lower limit borrowing. If you’ve been trading for six months and you have an annual sales revenue of $25k+ then you should qualify. To use invoice financing, you also need an online accounting system like QuickBooks, Xero or FreshBooks.

With both services, you can pay your loan back early to reduce the cost of the money you have borrowed without incurring a penalty.

Most Helpful Positive Review

“I was cautious applying because it seemed to good to be true. But I’m telling you Fundbox are rewriting the term line of credit. With these guys, you just draw what you need when you need it. Pay it back quickly or slowly. But the quicker the better to avoid unnecessary fees. Signup is scarily easy and using it is even easier. Loads of small businesses run into short-term cash flow issues from time to time and this has solved our problems.”

Where does Fundbox Fall Short?

Depending on how much you borrow, your repayment time schedule (12 or 24 months) and how long it takes you take pay-off the loan, the rate can range from 16.4% up to 76.5%. Although you can help to lower your own rate by taking the 12-week option and paying-off the loan at the earliest opportunity.

Most Helpful Negative Review

“I’ve only made one payment and can’t change the terms from 24 to 24 weeks. I was unaware that I wouldn’t be able to change it. And then I was told that if I changed it I would not be able to use Fundbox again. Very frustrating.”

A Roundup of Fundbox Reviews

On the whole, Fundbox has been given a big thumbs up by its customers to date. They appreciate it costs more than a bank loan, but like it because it’s easy to use and provides a good solution to small business cash flow issues.

 Average RatingNumber of ReviewsReview Quality
Trust Pilot
Get App4.862Great
Merchant Maverick4.5Editor's RatingGood

Fundbox Pricing

Fundbox is not the most competitively priced online lender. However, it does not require business collateral or a personal guarantee, which helps to justify the cost.

 Loan ($)TermAPR*
Fundbox Invoice Financing$1-100K12 weeks
24 weeks
Fundbox Line of Credit$1-100K12 weeks15-59%
* The APR will depend on how each online lender perceives the risk involved.


Fundbox line of credit and invoice funding services have been warmly received by a growing customer base. They provide a simple solution for small business short-term cash flow issues. However, it’s important to be disciplined and stick to using Fundbox for short-term needs. This is because Fundbox is not the most cost-effective solution for longer-term funding.