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You probably searched for PowerPoint alternatives. Why? Because PowerPoint is not allowing you to deliver killer presentations that keep your audience captivated. Well these days there are lots of great alternatives which we cover. But let’s not forget that delivering a killer presentation is also about more than just your slides.


The Skinny

  • Let’s blame PowerPoint, but the truth is that presentation tools are only part of the story
  • Yes, most important is the ability to tell a great story, which is a skill you can learn, (the articles from Harvard Business Review and TED will help you to consider the things beyond the tools you use)
  • And presentation tools are very varied. Whatever PowerPoint alternative you choose, select based on how easy it is to create stunning presentations without having to be a graphic design genius
  • If you want to make things easy on yourself, pick an tool that allows you to access free images, icons and video clips or you’ll find that you get stuck very quickly, (as if you were in PowerPoint!)
  • Remarkably the cost of PowerPoint alternatives is not a great indicator of their value, some of the best are inexpensive
  • If you need a presenter and leave-behind in one, make sure the tool you select provides viewer metrics. This way you’ll know who was most engaged, what they were interested in and when to follow-up with them

Recommended Reading

The following articles provide essential reading when considering how to deliver a killer presentation and what tools you could use instead of PowerPoint. All of the articles are credible and informative.


1. How to Give a Killer Presentation

As you would expect, HBR have come up with a longer read and this one is really worth the time. Chris Anderson works at TED as the MC of there conferences. He shares the art of delivering a killer presentation from framing your story to putting together your multi-media. Along the way he shares some great presentation tips with video examples from top TED speakers.

2. How to Tell a Great Story, Visualized

Or if you have less time, Andrew Stanton (the Pixar writer behind Toy Story) shares one of the best infographics we’ve ever seen. In less than one minute, you can learn the five key (emotional) ingredients to telling a great story. If nothing else, it will make you appreciate that great storytellers hone their skills and put serious time into developing a narrative.


3. PowerPoint Alternatives: 6 Great Alternatives for Small Business Owners

The guy that wrote this (Mark Sallows) is a storyteller co-founder of Turtl.co, which is probably the ultimate in storytelling / presentation tools, but priced for enterprise (unfortunately). Here he explains, which PowerPoint alternatives are best for sales presentations and why. As you will read, he favors Slidebean because it’s so darn easy to use.


4. PowerPoint Alternatives: 17 to Help You Avoid Death by PowerPoint

If you’re looking for more alternatives (or you’re not giving sales pitch presentations) Workfocus have put together a longer list. There are some nice free presentation tools on this list like Sway. Though professional tools that work for business and provides metrics will mean you have to pay for the tools that you use.


5. PowerPoints: 8 that Show You How to Make the Best Presentations

Finally, before you totally fall out of love with PowerPoint, have a browse through these eight great presentations that were delivered in PowerPoint. They’re awesome right? OK, I hear you, it needs to be so easy that you don’t have to be a professional designer.

The Juice Press

There’s lots involved in delivering a killer presentation or sales pitch. This article will allow you to review the best PowerPoint alternatives and much more besides. If you have any questions about the tools or the other factors involved, just reach out to me using the comments section below.