11 Great Press Release Samples from Small Business Pros

This article will provide you with great press release samples and explain why they worked so well. You may also want to look at our free press release template and formatting guidelines if you’re creating your own press release for the first time.

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1. Rhonda Rees Wins Bulldog Reporter's Publicist of the Year Award for Online Book Piracy Campaign

When this press release sample went live, Rhonda Rees had just been named Publicist of the Year by the prestigious Bulldog Reporter publication. This press release was of an online book piracy awareness PSA campaign Rhonda orchestrated. The release was successful because it:

This press release received 374,442 headline impressions, 3,623 full reads – it’s great to see an expert at work!


2. Law students can now apply for The John W. Walker III Scholarship

Having news that your intended audience want to hear is a great way to ensure press release success.

Evan Walker of Evan Walker Law decided to start a scholarship in his father’s name to help others avoid the student debt he had to overcome as a graduate. We tip our hats to you Evan!

This press release sample achieved its objective because it:

  • Kept its message simple and concise
  • Told a story it’s intended audience want to hear
  • Used a press release distribution service to reach its intended audience

3. Girls Gone Forex Launches Trade for the Cure Campaign to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Here is a press release example from Girls Gone Forex. Robyn Mancell, one of the two founders of the company. She believes it worked well because people want to see women being empowered in meaningful ways – I agree!

This press release sample was successful because it:

  • Spoke to a hot topic
  • It oozes with integrity
  • It demonstrates how doing good and doing good business do not have to be mutually exclusive!

In addition to empowering women, Girls Gone Forex also give back to charities like Walk for the Cure.


4. Enke Life launches premium Nomad toothbrush that will revolutionize the way you brush

Michael Du, one of the Founders of Enke Life, was pleased with the performance of this press release. The reason it worked well was because:

Michael is very pleased with how this press release sample has performed. He measured success in terms of the volume of new retail outlets that have now started to reach out to them. Not just conventional channels, but travel sites, discount sites and sites promoting gift ideas too.


5. Turkey Day Juice Kicks Off Shoreline Lake's New Wine Tasting Series

Maria Gonzalez is a Senior Partner at the Gonzberg Agency in San Francisco. Following best practice for press releases turned into ongoing media coverage for their client (Shoreline Lake Boathouse & American Bistro), when launching their new Wine Seminar Series.

This press release sample (and the wider campaign) was successful because it:

  • Was created into the Who, What, When, Where, How and Why in less than 500 words
  • Its jam packed with facts and oozes credibility and expertise
  • It’s an integrated component of a wider marketing communications campaign

If you have a strong brand and can afford to budget for an agency, it’s worth bringing the pros on-board to advice on how your brand can achieve its full potential.


6. NewAir Gets the Jump on 2018 Home Appliance Trends: Launches Line of Black Stainless Steel Wine & Beverage Coolers

Andrew Stephenson is the Product Director for NewAir, who create press releases for all new products that they launch. Not only do they aim for great trade press coverage, but they also recognise the need to:

  • Work out how to pitch a new product in less than 500 words
  • Get content backlinks from 3rd party sites to build their website SEO
  • Build hype with their retail buyers (like Home Depot, Lowes and Costco

For the latest black stainless steel wine coolers, covered in this release, New Air are already in discussions with a TV channel. They have also been contacted by several large blogs/magazines who want to know more.


7. MyCorporation Reveals How to Spread Fall Cheer in the Workplace in New Infographic

Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation.com is over the moon (no pun intended!) with the coverage their Fall press release achieved. This press release sample featured a fall infographic, which was created in house. It went live in October to a very strong response in the media. Why was the press release sample so successful?

Because it:

  • Appeals to a broad range of journalists and readers due to its timeliness
  • The infographic is great; many an agency would have been very proud to produce this
  • Its reach was maximized by one of the best press distribution services

Coverage was strong from coast to coast. The release was picked up by Yahoo! Finance, Markets Insider, MarketWatch, and a variety of TV news stations from coast-to-coast.


8. Crossman & Company Closes Pensacola Center Sale

John Crossman, President of Crossman and Company, believes that regular press release communication is raising his the profile of his Company. This press release sample, and others that relate to closing commercial property sales, work well because they communicate news.

This press release sample works well because it:

  • Is very succinct, which its intended audience value
  • Includes a meaningful image, which is integral to this kind of release
  • Leads to beneficial SEO as many other sites (including competitors) will link to informative press releases like this

This press release sample speaks to the fact that this firm is active. The frequency with which these releases are sent out helps to drive the perception of the market of Crossman & Company as one of the dynamic drivers in their market.


9. InnoGames Draws Women with Elvenar, Finds Monetary Success

Diana Villegas is the PR Manager for InnoGames, not exactly a small business with over 200M registered players. But I wanted to include this press release example as Diana has provide me with a great success story we can all learn from.

This press release sample is successful because it:

  • Takes a common misconception (that women are not playing video games) and provides the evidence (Elvenar) to directly refute this.
  • Provides facts via survey key findings that a good journo can easily transform into news.
  • Has a video with an interview with the product manager of the game which gives further information a journalist can use.

The press release sample was picked-up internationally with 30% of the coverage coming from top or mid-tier publications. This was probably due to the way it challenges a common misperception around the world.


10. eMazzanti Technologies Urges Customers to Download Krack Wi-Fi Vulnerability Patch

Jennifer Mazzanti is the CEO of eMazzanti Technologies, which is based in the NYC area. This press release sample showcases eMazzanti’s expertise as a leading IT network experts and one of the top 200 US Microsoft partners.

This press release sample gained was successful because it:

  • Addresses a high-profile concern of anyone providing (or using) public Wi-Fi, that’s most of us!
  • Provides useful information on how to mitigate a real risk from a credible and expert source
  • Its reach was maximized via a press distribution service

This press release sample gained strong string coverage across the US.


11. Rise Up! An afternoon of HOPE! American Business Women's Day 2nd Annual Luncheon hosted by the LA South Chamber of Commerce

Zondra Wilson is Chair of Communications and Public Relations Committee for the LA South Chamber of Commerce and Founder of Blu Skin Care. This press release sample was used for a Chamber of Commerce business luncheon a few months ago.

  • The press release headline engages readers
  • It gets straight to the point
  • What, When & Where summarizes the event info really well

Because of this press release sample, the event sold out!

The Juice Press

The press release samples in this article demonstrate how small businesses can achieve excellent coverage provided that they recognise the importance of:

  1. A strong press release headline
  2. A fact based story that can benefit from use of quotes, images, videos and infographics to spice it up
  3. Keeping it concise, 500 words is more than enough

Many of these press release samples demonstrate the importance of using a reliable press release distribution service to maximize your coverage. I recommend eReleases as the best press release service for small business.

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