Professional Email Address – How to Create One for Your Small Business

If you are going to communicate with your customers, partners and suppliers by email, you need to be taken seriously. This article will share the steps you need to take to create a professional email address. If you don’t have one, you’re probably scaring customers away without realizing it.

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Principle 1 – Create Your Own Business Domain

bluehost-review-and-pricing-imageFirst impressions are important. To create the right first impression you need to setup your own domain.

Usually this is your business name. If your business name has already been taken, we will show you how to navigate around this to setup a domain that will work just as well.

The important thing is to create the right first impression so that you can build good relations with new customers.

Choosing a Domain Name For Your Business

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If your business name is not freely available, try these tips to find a suitable domain, which will work just as well:

1. Slightly alter your name

Let’s say your business is called GardenSupplies. You could consider options like www.mygardensupplies, or You get the general idea. These kind of options will still come across as your business and may still be available to own.

2. Use a .co domain format

If slightly altering your name does not work, consider using the .co domain format as opposed to the .com format. The new .co web domain formats were released to make it easier for new businesses to find a suitable domain name. And they work just as well.

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Other Reasons To Use a Custom Domain

Putting up a professional business front is a good enough reason to create your business domain. But there are two other good reasons worth considering:

1. Is your Email Address Memorable for the Right Reasons?

If you want your customers to recognise you and your business when you send them an email, make it easy for them. Most customers receive 100s of emails a day. If you want them to spot yours, read and respond, make it easy for them. Let’s face it, is a lot easier to spot and remember than

2. Is your Email Address owned by your ISP?

If your business email address is owned by your internet service provider (ISP), we recommend you replace it with one that you own and can move with you when you change your ISP. You may be happy with your ISP right now. But will you be just as happy when  their internet service becomes patchy?

Principle 2 – Use a Professional Email Format

To create a professional email address, you need to decide how to consistently format usernames. Let’s say there are three people in your business and they all want to set up their username differently. You could end up with and and This won’t come across as professional and it will be hard for your customers to remember if they deal with all of your team.

The important thing is to pick a way to format your usernames and stick to it consistently. Below we have given you some options to choose from:


This is a simple solution. But it gives away that your business is quite small, because their can’t be more than one John right? This kind of format will work well in a B2C or retail type business. Whereas in a B2B business it may be considered a bit too informal and lacking in professionalism as a result.


This format overcomes some of the drawbacks of the first option. But in a B2B context it may still be considered a little informal if you are providing a professional service.


This is the most popular option for B2B businesses like financial advisors, real estate agents and car dealers. It’s perceived as professional, though it does have the drawback of taking away some privacy of the email user.

Don’t Forget to Set your Email Display Name

When setting up a professional email address, you can decide how to display your username in your email message manager. For instance, could be set this up to display as Bill Wood <>.

Principle 3 – Create Custom Email Addresses for Your Website

If you want to avoid receiving the wrong cold calls, we suggest you create custom email addresses for your website. These allow website visitors to communicate with specific functions of your business and help to maintain a professional impression.

A customer email address like, or not only looks more professional, it allows you to forward the messages to other members of your team. For instance, a sales enquiry could be forwarded to both salespeople to ensure that the customer gets a quick response.

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The Juice Press

This article has shared with you how to create a professional email address and the various options that are available to you.

If you want to appear really professional without breaking the bank, we recommend setting up a business domain, creating a small business website and professional email address with Bluehost.

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