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Founded in 2014, Street Shares is a peer-to-peer loan provider, which provides short-term loans, lines of credit and government contract financing to small businesses. User reviews from around the web confirm that Street Shares is highly valued by the vast majority of it's customers.

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A Quick Video Introduction

To qualify for Street Shares term-loan and line of credit services, you have to have: an annual sales revenue of $25k+, a credit rating of 600+, and have been trading for more than a year.

How does Street Shares Standout?

StreetShares is a peer-to-peer lender led by veterans who make short-term funding possible for very early stage small businesses. It has the lowest rates of any online lender we can find (starting from 9%), which makes it an excellent choice for veterans and growing small businesses. Most recently, Street Shares introduced Government contract financing, like with their other services, their is no penalty for paying your loan back early.

Most Helpful Positive Review

“This was a very quick and painless process. The staff at Street Shares were extremely friendly and professional, they really took time to learn about our business. We got the competitive rate we asked for and good service along the way. Down the road, we’ve been able to pay off our loan a year early, which only took one phone call.”

Where does Street Shares Fall Short?

It does not really fall short as far as we can see. However, there are some limitations. For example, Street Shares are only suitable for early stage and quite small businesses. This is because short term loans and lines of credit top out at $100K. And the maximum you can qualify for is 20% of your annual sales revenue. So to get a loan of $100K you will need an annual sales revenue of $500K.

In addition, Street Shares does not currently provide it’s services in Vermont, Rhode Island, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Nevada or Alaska.

Most Helpful Negative Review

“The people are great and the customer service experience is excellent. However, if you know that your credit score is not the best, you should be prepared to pay a rate that is maybe double what you would pay on a business credit card.”

A Roundup of Street Shares Reviews

Street Shares was founded by veterans for veterans. However, since they recently raised $200MM to grow their business, you don’t have to be a veteran to use the service. Now it’s a great resource for both veterans and growing small business generally.

 Average RatingNumber of ReviewsReview Quality
Trust Pilot
Value Penguin4.5Editor's RatingGood
Merchant Maverick5.0Editor's RatingGood

Street Shares Pricing

Street Shares offers the most competitive short-term loans and lines of credit that we have come across from an online lender.

 Loan ($)TermAPR*
Street Shares Term Loan$2-100K3-36 months9-40%
Street Shares Line of Credit$5-100K3-36 months9-40%
Street Shares Government Contract FinancingUp to $500KNA 12-25%.
* The APR will depend on how each online lender perceives the risk involved.


We recommend Street Shares as a great solution to short-term cash flow issues for early stage small businesses. Like any loan, it should be repay at the earliest opportunity to avoid incurring financing fees for any longer than is necessary.